The Seven Deadly Sins Of Gilligan*

*Stolen and adapted from a longer, and somewhat badly written version.

The "Seven Deadly Sins of Gilligan's Island" theory is quite simple. Each of the seven characters on the island represents each of the seven deadly sins.

As you can see, Gilligan is a problem. Gilligan is not ANGER. And stupidity isn't a sin.

All we have left is ANGER. Which we can easily pin on the Skipper.

As proof, in every episode, The Skipper would flip out and hit Gilligan with his hat.
That makes the SKIPPER = GLUTTONY and ANGER

So here we have all of the Seven Deadly Sins on this Island.

But what is Gilligan?

There is really only one answer. Gilligan is the Devil.

Gilligan = The DEVIL (ever notice that he always wears red?)

And the ISLAND is HELL!!